Alana Evans Profiled as Featured ‘Lobbyist’ by D.C.’s The Hill

WASHINGTON — Influential D.C. insider news outlet The Hill profiled APAG union president Alana Evans today as part of their series “Lobbyist Profiles.”

The article, written by The Hill’s Chris Mills Rodrigo, positions Evans as a viable interlocutor for congress members wishing to discuss sex worker and adult industry issues.

The piece surveys Evans’ journey into advocacy, starting with her participation in the campaign to oppose mandatory condom laws.

“Evans, a California resident who became a sex worker in 1998 to support her family after her then-husband was injured on the job, went to Sacramento in 2014 to oppose a bill that would require all performers to wear condoms,” Mills Rodrigo werot

“I’ve always kind of peppered my way in because I’ve always been this responsible person who can handle it under pressure,” Evans told The Hill. “There’s always just been little things that I would get involved in however I could help.”

After she became vice president of the newly formed Adult Performance Artists Guild (APAG) in 2016 — then called the Adult Performers Actors Guild — and the president two years later, Evans worked to separate itself from “mother union” International Entertainment Adult Union (IEAU) and to increase membership.

“APAG this year became the first federally recognized union for adult performers in the United States,” The Hill noted, adding that APAG’s membership has ballooned since the split with IEAU became final earlier this year.

“We were stuck at around 300 members until we separated,” Evans said. “Then when we separated it went through the roof — we are now at 1,300 members.”

The article also covers Evans work with national and state politicians, and her advocacy confronting issues with social media companies (Facebook, Instagram) and adult sites (OnlyFans).

To read The Hill’s “Lobbyist Profile: Alana Evans,” click here.

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