Alexandra Snow Talks Dick Pics, Taxes on Matt Slayer’s ‘And Now We Drink’

LOS ANGELES — Alexandra Snow, the self-described “Modern Succubus,” guests on a recent episode of “And Now We Drink” with host Matt Slayer.

During the interview, Snow gets into the nitty-gritty of dick pics and nudes and talks about the woes of running a business, the unique struggles faced by sex workers when dealing with the IRS and her lack of surprise at OnlyFans’ recent scandal.

“The sky is always falling in sex work,” Snow observed. “There’s always some new chaos to ruin the year.”

Snow touched on some of the effect of OnlyFans’ contribution to the explosive growth of sex work.

“I think that it has done a lot for women to see that there is a huge variety of body types and shapes and sizes and that vaginas all look different,” Snow shared. “I think that it helps a lot for the average woman’s self-confidence.”

The conversation also veers into popular culture with Snow discussing what it would be like to become George R.R. Martin’s Dominatrix, her opinion about filmmaker Joss Wedon’s misbehavior and the process of separating the art from the artist who produced it.

Snow’s episode of “And Now We Drink” can be found here; follow the podcast on Twitter.

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