Fetish Con Announces Partnership With Comic Book Artist George Pérez

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. —Fetish Con has announced a collaboration with comic book artist George Pérez to create a new permanent space for his artwork at the convention starting in 2022.

“It was recently announced that due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, the 20th Anniversary Fetish Con trade show and events would now be happening August 11-14, 2022,” said a rep. “Since St. Petersburg has been without this fetish event for two years, the promoters of Fetish Con are going to make 2022 a year that no one will ever forget with the addition of the George Pérez Superheroines Universe,”

The George Pérez Superheroines Universe will be a dedicated space with exhibitor/vendor booth space, classroom space and event space.

“As soon as attendees walk through the door, they’ll be immersed in the George Pérez Superheroines Universe, with all attendees with day passes and all-access passes being able to take part in classes and event,” the rep added.

Superheroines and Fetish

Event Promoter Genesis Lynn explained that “superheroines have long been a bedrock staple within the comic book industry. Every fan, whether male or female, has at some point looked to these flashily clad, powerful women as either role models or inspirations for personal flights of fantasy. As a major player within the comics industry for well over four decades, George Pérez has long championed and portrayed through his stories and artwork the strength, resilience, and beauty of women, whether portrayed as dominant or dominated.”

Lynn extolled Pérez’s “long-standing and continued support of Fetish Con and the fans, coordinators, models. We will be celebrating his vision and bringing it to the forefront by creating a one-of-a-kind event space all housed under the George Pérez Superheroines Universe.”

The George Pérez Superheroines Universe classes and special events will run all three days of Fetish Con and will include a keynote interview with Pérez. Superheroine categories will also be added to the 5th Annual Fetish Awards Show, along with multiple superheroine-themed classes, events, a dedicated exhibit/vendor space and an art display.

George Pérez to Appear

In addition, there will be a Superheroine booth, and George Pérez himself will be in attendance to allow fans and attendees multiple chances to meet, greet, and get his autograph.

Pérez said that “for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been enthralled by the fanciful adventures of powerful women in flashy, gaudy costumes who can dish it out like their male counterparts but can be just as enticing when they are on the receiving end of the punishment. As I got older, I was able to indulge in many such flights of fantasy through my comic book work. And in later years, with avenues like Fetish Con and my own adult-themed superheroine video work for companies like DTWrestling.com, I’ve managed to further that indulgence.”

“I have met many powerful women, as well as men, who have shared their similar fantasies, and I am proud to support and embrace them through this flattering new addition to Fetish Con,” the artist concluded.

For more information, visit FetishCon.com and follow them on Twitter.

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