FSC, APAC Announce ‘FSC Resolve,’ Conflict Resolution Resource

LOS ANGELES — Free Speech Coalition (FSC) and the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) have jointly announced a new initiative, the FSC Resolve Conflict Resolution Resource, designed to help “industry workers navigate potential responses to on-set issues.”

Free Speech Coalition, the North American trade association for the adult industry, has created a new resource for performers and other industry workers looking to address consent violations, harassment, and racism on set. The FSC Resolve Conflict Resolution Resource, a joint effort between FSC and APAC, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, helps industry workers navigate potential responses to on-set issues.

“We see this as the first step in a larger goal of creating a reporting and mediation system for the adult industry,” FSC’s CEO Michelle L. LeBlanc said. “We know the hurdles that sex workers and others face when addressing complaints, inside or outside our industry. By building a system that better addresses the needs of our workers, we can not only help them find justice, but can more easily identify bad actors before they harm someone else.”

“Performers and crew so often feel powerless or without direction when they’re subject to, or witness to, abuse on set,” said APAC board member Tim Woodman. “We are delighted to finally have a tool that outlines options for any situation and empowers people in the adult industry to make choices that will best work for them.” 

The Conflict Resolution Resource breaks down potential responses to on-set incidents into sixteen categories, detailing the risks and benefits of each approach, and resources should the complainant want to move forward. Options include:

  • Write It Down (Documenting the Event)
  • Talk with a Crisis Counselor
  • Talk to a Therapist
  • Talk to a Lawyer
  • Talk with FSC
  • Pursue Conflict-Resolution Practices
  • File a Complaint with the EEOC
  • Post on Social Media
  • Talk to the Press
  • Call the Police

The Conflict Resolution Resource is modeled on similar resources for reporting sexual assault, and was conceived, designed and reviewed by a mix of performers, lawyers, advocates, producers and other stakeholders from the adult industry. 

It does not recommend or advise against a specific course of action, but is intended to help someone who may be angry, upset, confused or in a state of trauma more clearly think through their options. 

“This is an evolving project,” said LeBlanc. “While we’ve spoken with many people in the development of FSC Resolve, we’re eager to hear from the broader community about what would be effective for them.”

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