Jamaican Adult Store Caters to Female ‘Euphoria’

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaican adult store Cloud 9 Pleasures has been featured this week by local news site Loop.

The article highlighted how the retailer is trailblazing local culture by offering online-only, same-day delivery services of pleasure products.

“Sex toys are something that can really help you explore your gender and your sexuality, but you can also get them at affordable prices, and that’s what I try to give my customers — pleasure at affordable rates,” owner Sekou Davis told Loop.

“My clientele is mostly female and I wanted them to experience that euphoria women can relate to,” Davis added. “The response to the products has been great. I wanted to find a niche market that caters to women — they tend to spend more on their needs or wants versus men.”

Davis told Loop that the ratio of women to men is “about 70/30” and that he serves as “personal shopper” to select customers through one-on-one Zoom calls.

Cloud 9 Pleasures’ biggest sellers are the Rose Toy, the Soul Snatcher and the Wand.

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