Miss Mae Ling Writes about ‘Giantess’ Kink for Erika Lust’s Lustzine

LAS VEGAS — Miss Mae Ling’s latest article is a post for Erika Lust’s “Lustzine,” that explores elements of giantess kink; from how gentle it can be, how one can worship all parts of a larger-than-life woman and how to incorporate the giantess kink into real time sessions.

“One can worship a woman’s body, but worshiping a woman’s body that is over 1,000 times larger than you is a completely different kind of worship,” Ling said. “Every single pore, every single hair, every single thing at a much larger scale.”

A key aspect of giantess kink is that it is not about the physical size of a person, but the size of their personality. As Ling writes, “Your femdom may be 5’4 but she has the presence that would fill up an entire room.”

The full article can be read at ErikaLust.com.

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