Nutaku Debuts Turn-Based Adventure Game ‘Bouncy College’

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the release of action-adventure game “Bouncy College” with 3D animated sex scenes and turned-based strategy mechanics allowing players to explore 100 lewd story missions.

“There has been an invasion of unknown life-forms on your planet. They established Bouncy College, the ultimate training facility for elite soldiers,” a rep explained. “You play as the only male character, recruited to command your army of lethal ladies with countless event missions and unique environments, traps and items, the title promises an unparalleled gaming experience.”

Key features include over 15 female characters for “spicy dates,” customizable power-ups, immersive combat mode and “challenging bosses for higher rewards,” noted the rep.

Find “Bouncy College” online and follow Nutaku on Twitter.

In related news, the platform recently released turned-based strategy game “Scarlet Crisis,” SLG “Mafia War: Underworld Lords” and idle RPG “Mist Train Girls X,” among other titles.

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