Nutaku Debuts Turn-Based Strategy Game ‘Scarlet Crisis’

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the rollout of new turned-based strategy game “Scarlet Crisis” featuring cyberpunk elements as well as “high-tech weaponry and steamy H-scenes with badass ladies.”

“‘Scarlet Crisis’ takes place in the age of machines, when humanity is on the brink of extinction,” a rep explained. “You, as the only savior, join forces with sexy cyberpunk ladies to save humans from the cold clutches of their robot masters. Get ready for the battle of a lifetime and lead your gang to victory.”

Key features include three unique character classes, three different battle modes to gain numerous rewards, high-level challenges and “a chance to climb up the leaderboard” as well as “nine steamy hot animated H-scenes.”

Find “Scarlet Crisis” online and follow Nutaku on Twitter.

In related news, the platform recently released SLG “Mafia War: Underworld Lords,” idle RPG “Mist Train Girls X” and JRPG “Mahoroba Youjo Kitan.”

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