Nutaku Kicks Off Weeklong ‘Black Friday Sale’ Promo Event

MONTREAL — Nutaku’s weeklong Black Friday Sale kicks off today and runs through Monday, Nov.3 29 with an array of in-game discounts and themed events.

Among the features games during the sale are “Booty Calls,” “Chuck Wars,” “King of Kinks” and “Project QT.”

Players also have the option to boost their game with Nutaku’s Gold Package deals available to both first-timers and regular players.

The Black Friday Sale Gold Starter Packages are:

  • $1: 400 Nutaku Gold
  • $5: 1,020 Nutaku Gold
  • $25: 5,175 Nutaku Gold
  • $75: 15,750 Nutaku Gold

The one-time purchase Gold Packages are:

  • $10: 1,100 Nutaku Gold
  • $35: 4,095 Nutaku Gold
  • $120: 14,400 Nutaku Gold
  • $300: 37,000 Nutaku Gold
  • $1,000: 127,000 Nutaku Gold

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