Severe Sex Films Homages Hitchcock With ‘Strangers in a Bar’

LAS VEGAS — Severe Sex Films has released today their first feature in three years, “Strangers in a Bar.”

The two-time “Fetish Release of the Year” XBIZ Award winning studio described the concept of the feature as inspired by the Hitchcock classic “Strangers on a Train”: “Two women who are royally pissed off at their awful boyfriends vent to each other at a bar, and make a plan to punish each other’s miscreant.”

Director Dee Severe said, “I’m so happy we finally got to do a feature after our move to Vegas and the dumpster fire that was 2020. This is what I love to do the most. Shooting gonzo femdom scenes is really fun, but nothing is as fulfilling as directing a movie that tells a complete story.”

Executive producer Jimmy Broadway clarified that “there are no murders, and ‘Strangers’ is a kinky comedy. We want people to understand that this is a fantasy.”

“Strangers in a Bar” stars Kay Carter and Vanessa Vega as the vengeful women, with Lauren Phillips, Kaiia Eve, Draven Navarro, Tony Orlando and Fluffy rounding out the cast.

Carter described working with Dee Severe as “an awesome experience. I love getting the opportunity to get into Domme space and expand my bag of tricks. I got to exhibit some of my talents as well as try some new things, I think that makes it really special. It was cast so perfectly and gave everyone the chance to have some real chemistry.”

“It was so fun shooting in this style,” added co-star Vega. “We really put a story together here and everyone involved is going 110% in every scene. It was my first time working with Lauren Phillips and she was a powerhouse in the three-on-one scene. Everyone involved in every level of this scene was passionate and made it come out flawlessly.”

To watch the “Strangers in a Bar” trailer, visit Severe Sex Films

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